BaroKam 2021


May 13, 2021

Slovenian baroque orchestra & Monastery Mekinje Kamnik

BaroKam 2021

 International Summer Masterclasses for Baroque Music



Monastery Mekinje Kamnik, Slovenia


Art director/Director

prof. Egon Mihajlovič, MSc. Nevenka Tršan Hočevar




Vocal masterclass


Class 1: Prof. Barbara Jernejčič Fürst




Class 2: Monika Tóth – baroque violin
Class 3: Kaja Kapus – cello and baroque cello


Woodwind instruments


Class 4: Nevenka Tršan Hočevar – Flute, Recorder, Baroque flute


Keyboard instruments


Class 5: Martina Okoliš – Harpsichord, Baroque organ


Harpsichord accompainment

Ana Marija Krajnc

The BaroKam Summer MasterClasses are intended for music students of all ages
and levels, who wish to deepen their knowledge of renaissance and baroque
music. The BaroKam MasterClasses will concentrate on the performance
praxis of baroque vocal and instrumental repertoire,  orchestral and solo works with figured bass,
as well as baroque repertoire for organ and harpsichord. Historical
instruments will be provided for the participants during the summer
classes. There will be a final concert with the participants at the end of the

All activities will be planned in accordance with the NIJZ instructions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fee: 360 € per class and turist tax/incl. full board accomodation in Monastery Mekinje

Application until 1st of July

How to get there:
By plane: Ljubljana (20 km), Trieste (80 km), Klagenfurt (80 km),
Venice (230 km)

By Train/Bus: Ljubljana, then local train or bus to Kamnik (50 km),
departing every hour

Application and information:

Download Brochure and Application Form

Brochure and Application Form

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